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Secure Channel

Worried that unwanted people may read your messages? Our transport channel is secured with the state-of-the-art security configuration, TLS 1.2. This feature ensures that no one can read your messages when you are chatting with your friends.

Concurrent Devices

This is an ideal feature for road warriors. At the same time, you can login to one UNIQUE ccPing account anywhere from ANY devices (PC desktop, web chat and smartphones) without missing any messages even when you move from the old phone to new one. ccPing now supports iOS, Android and Windows platform, others will be coming soon.

Auto Messages Expiry

ccPing gives you options to send messages which will automatically be deleted after a period of time. This kind of messages will disappear forever from all the devices and the ccPing server. Auto messages expiry is another shield, prevent your messages from being read after expiring.

AES Message Scrambler

Besides the transport channel, security at the endpoint is also important. ccPing adds an extra layer of security by allowing users the option to scramble the text messages with an out-of-band passphrase. Hence, even if an intruder can login to your account, he cannot read your messages without knowing your passphrase.

Secure Deletion

You have just sent a message then want nobody to see it, this function will save you. Your messages will not only be deleted away from your devices but receivers' also. ccPing gives you a chance to undo your action.

Standard Features

ccPing will automatically check and sync your address book with your permission then you are FREE to start chatting with friends who are using ccPing either in individual or in group. More than text, ccPing also allows Voice memo, just press the record button and leave the rest for ccPing, your voice record will be sent.